This small Bulk Vessel is ideal for moving Bulk Cargoes such as fertilizer, grain and gravel around the New Zealand efficiently and cost effectively.

With a loaded draft of 4.2 meters the Anatoki is able to negotiate shallow harbours such as Wanganui, Westport and Greymouth . This allows it to pickup/discharge its cargoes closer to their source/destination, reducing road haulage components of the cargo’s movement and in doing so reducing costs.


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Since starting operation in April 2008 the M.V. Anatoki had moved 100,000Tons of cargo by December 2010. Clients have been impressed by the companies “Problem Solving” ability and the efficiencies brought about by moving their bulk products by sea.

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Demand for road transport has been increasing faster than the growth in population. This has put New Zealand’s roads under increased pressure. It is anticipated that total freight movements on the transport system will more than double by 2040. Anatoki represents a change in New Zealand shipping -- the return of the coastal bulk freighter.

Coastal Bulk Shipping shareholders consist of a diverse group of people who have a common interest in coastal shipping. Their backgrounds vary considerably from farming to transport operators and workers in the transport and shipping industry.

All shareholders share a common belief that as a long, narrow country, New Zealand lends itself to shipping.

As a young country with developing infrastructure New Zealand was built on coastal ships using smaller ports. As road and rail developed, freight gradually moved from the sea until the last bulk ships (other than cement and fuel carriers ) stopped operating on the New Zealand coast approximately 35 years ago.

In recent years a growing population, higher fuel prices and the failure of road and rail infrastructure to keep pace with demand has rekindled an interest in coastal shipping.

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